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[sticky post] My Fics over the Centuries...


     this will become my archive post for my fics, which will be updated as regularly as I can manage until I am up to date.

Fics old; and maybe unwanted...Collapse )

  Here are two fics written way back in the first months after Tara's death in S6 of BtVS was broadcast here in the UK.

Two early successful, I think, buffy fics...Collapse )

  These six stories were all written as fanfics for The Chosen, as opposed to 'in the chosen!verse'. The first five got posted to the website itself; the last has only been posted to my previous lj. Hopefully one day it, it and the several fics I have written for that verse, will get posted to the website too.

Fics written for Jet Wolf"s The Chosen...Collapse )

  These five fics were written in the year following me joining livejournal in 2009. I no longer have posting access to this journal so, if you have any comments on them, can you send them to me here. I hope to change this at some point, but they will eventually be re-posted. Other details, including character; 'verses etc will be added as time passes.
My first lj fics 2009-10Collapse )These are all my fics from 2011; a CSI drabble; a crossover and a NuWho S5 fic; but mostly Buffyverse stories.

My fics for 2011; the pace increases...Collapse )April 28th 2014
  Looked like 2012 was going to be a slow year, but I seemed to hit the afterburners in August; especially helped by the series I started for elisi but have yet to complete. Must get on that.

Whew! What was I taking in the Fall...Collapse )

Please, if you have any comments on the stories mentioned above; particularly if you have advice on changes to The Anyanka Solution and ideas as to what could be used for future Buffyverses from Amshel; then email me at kerkevik2014@gmail.com

  They will be most welcome.

  Goddess watch over us all,

Temporarily blocked from my gmail...

I hope!

So, if I don't respond to an email you know why.



Slash will soon be fifty years old!

 It occured to me today that the genre proudly known as slash fiction must be approaching it's SAGAhood, as in it will be fifty years old in the next couple of years.

Last year I saw someone talking about slash fiction being about two decades old. I restrained myself from replying; imagining the sage individuals who wrote those first K/S fics planning some suitable rewenges of their own when word filtered to them.

Do we have any dates for the first zines? I imagine the first story was never published, but wouldn't oit be wonderful to fond that piece of history?

Mostly I write the version called femslash, rather than m/m slash which the original is sometimes referred to these days; genfic, or het-fic (I'm old and get confused).

Let's come out of the closet and show the youngsters they didn't invent smut!

Goddess watch over us all, 

kerk tehkek


   TITLE: Casablanca

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer;

  CHARACTERS: Buffy Summers; Faith Lehane,

  PAIRING: Buffy/Faith;

  WORD COUNT: 200,

  A/N: This is written for drabbletag6 request @ femslash100 by clarahow . It will also be posted at her comm femslashagenda . It is set in my 22!verse where, at this time, Faith and Buffy have been lovers for some time. There are references here back to Season Three's Graduation Day, Pts I & II .





     The target of her yell responded exactly as if she was made of the same material as the gravestone she was staring at.


     Buffy swept two vamps off their feet with one kick; dusting another before she could she could recover from dodging them.


     She yelled again; without getting any more of a response; noticable to her Slayer hearing anyway. Faith might have been a statue.


     There was a sob...


     and a groan...


     Which came from behind her.


     The one missing an ear was dusted as he tried to stand; last one fled past Faith into the woods.


     “Faith, what..?


     Buffy spotted the glistening trails on Faith's face; that what breathing she was doing was automatic, and laboured beyond description.


     It wasn't until she got a look at the inscription on the gravestone that she understood. 


     Of all the cemetaries in all the world...


     Buffy pulled her close and held her as Faith's conscience cracked open the dam and flooded into the open.


     She held back her own tears; helped by a deep sense of her own guilt.


     How many had died because she couldn't... 


     Wrapping her arms around Buffy, Faith finally wept over the Professor she had murdered.




   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek




  TITLE: Better Dead Than Fed

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Blake's 7,

  CHARACTERS: Klyn; Deva; (Blake; Jenna's Mother),




     Klyn arrived with a mining team; Deva a few months later, as part of the process transitioning Gauda Prime to Federation Authority. 

     Both recognised Blake for who he was as soon as they saw him. 

     Their silence earned his grudging trust. 

     Both had known Jenna's mother personally; Klyn had been at the University when she had been forced into hiding; Deva an old flame. 

     Having found their own ways into the fight to resist the Administration's ever tightening grip they stayed hidden at his behest as he built an army. 

     Neither believed Blake would succeed. 

     Better to die fighting though. 



   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek




   TITLE: Initial Observations

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Bones, pre-series,

  CHARACTERS: Angela Montenegro; Temperance Brennan,

  WORD COUNT: 100, written for clarahow to fill a drabbletag6 prompt at femslash100 .

  A/N: Requested by clarahow for drabbletag6 at femslash100, I've only just gotten around to writing something for this prompt; interweblessness is to be thanked for the opportunity to give this more thought.




      “How are you feeling...?” 4

      “Angela, please Prof..,” accepting the coffee, but maintaining her distance. 13

      “Call me Temperance,” after adding some spice to her own, asking, “you seemed upset today, ” 28

     Angela stirred her coffee; smiling, within. After a few moments contemplation she looked up. 42

     “I had an up... argument with my girlfriend.” 50

     Brennan nodded, but did not press. Angela matched eyes with her curiously. 62

     “You never thought it was that child's bones did you?” 72

     Brennan shook her head, “It seemed illogical that they would upset you that badly, yes.” 87

     “I understand you don't have a room, would you care to share mine?” 100




   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek




  TITLE: A Dutiful Kiss

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM(S): Star Trek: Deep Space Nine / Star Wars

  CHARACTERS: Kira Nerys; Leia Organa,

  PAIRING: Nerys/Leia,

  WORD COUNT: 250,


  A/N: Saw this post http://sophiagratia.tumblr.com/post/136579157682/femslashsuggestion-leia-organa-star-wars-x and, since sophia_gratia ,is a much missed ex-mod from the ds9 rewatches I started thinking plot bunny thoughts on how to fulfill her wishes.             This is what I came up with.
          I was inspired by several prompts at
femslashficlets but, in the end, could not decide which might fit best; despite the title.




     Leia had been giving Nerys' tired body a massage; Nerys, who still found it strange to be having a relationship; of sorts, with a holosuite character, had accepted the gift of some of Jadzia's old programs when the last of the old crew had left the station.

     She was lonely, but missed the old days when Jadzia used to annoy, embarrass and tease her into all sorts of adventures.

     She was drifting into a dream-like state of sensuality; had no idea what she was talking about, when suddenly she realised that Leia was kissing her.

     She stiffened, but didn't try to stop Leia; though Leia stopped when she asked, in a very strange tone of voice, which Nerys herself didn't recognise, what she was doing.

     “You appeared to need it,” Leia responded.

     Nerys turned over to see the relatively youthful Princess gone.

     In her place was a completely nude, but much aged, woman with a scarred and lined body; showing signs of childbirth; graying hair and a great deal of confident defiance.

     She must have look confused; querying?, because Leia leant and slid forward over Nerys' slick form, fingers getting (un?)comfortably close to Nerys' groin. Leia stopped Nerys from speaking with another kiss then, speaking softly told her, “I'm a 'fictional' character in a holosuite program, but even if you do accept the promotion, I'll always outrank you so I could make it an order...

     Nerys considered this for... three seconds.

     And dutifully kissed her superior officer. 




   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek  


  TITLE: The Room with the Empty Tiger

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; post-series au,


  WORD COUNT: 100, wri

  A/N: Written for open_on_sunday prompt #621: empty room,

           What if the Body Swap between Faith and Buffy was not reversed? This is set decades after the canonical Body Swap. Decades in which a very nasty, and very cold war has existed between those who support the Slayers Council, and the diminishing remnants of the old Watchers Council. A search has been going on for one prisoner; few believe she still exists; even fewer know she does.


     Every night food and drink was left outside the room.

     Nobody knew why.

     Or nobody would say.

     They did ask, when they were new.

     Never twice.

     Or they disappeared.

     As the food did; every morning to be taken away.

     They appeared every now and then; nobody was sure how they gained entry.

     Somebody had to be in there.

     Or something...

     Rumours; dark and lurid, thrive in such an atmosphere.

     Der Töter was whispered.

     Some said whatever was in the room was fed those who were suspect.

     One man unwisely used the word Slayer aloud; only from a dictionary, but...



   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek







  TITLE: Like Seeing Your Very Own Self Looking Back At You

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; S5,

  CHARACTERS: Tara; Lisa,

  WORD COUNT: 200,

  A/N: This is set not long after The Body; Dawn has not yet returned to school. The earliest Dawn/Lisa fic I wrote, which could; as can this, be set in any of the separate 'verses where I have them as a pairing, was written as taking place on Dawn's first day back at school. Here Lisa is part of a tour looking around UC Sunnydale, and sees Tara in the Library studying.




     “Miss Maclay?


     Glancing up, Tara saw a slightly nervous looking african-american girl that she recognised from having met Dawn at her school a couple of times.




     “My name is Lisa,” she looked miffed, a little confused too; or thought Tara was confused.


     She ducked her head; trying not to smile too much. After a few moments of collection she looked up and nodded, “I know,” adding, “My name is Tara, not Miss Maclay.


     Lisa tried to smile, making Tara respond; gesturing for Lisa to sit across the UCSD Library table from her, while asking,”What's wrong?


     Uncertainly sitting down; only really after Tara confirmed it was ok for her, a High School student to be sitting here, Lisa asked, following another short spell of nervousness, “I was wondering how Dawn was; she... didn't answer my messages.


     “She's been very upset about her mother's death; they both ~ we all are actually. We're all trying to be there for Dawn and Buffy; without...


     “Being there?” Tara nodded. Lisa finally seemed to relax a little; Tara watched her, and fought the tendency to have her mouth twitch into that smile that Will seemed to love so much. 


     Dawn had an admirer it seemed.




Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek




  TITLE: Broken Heroes (rated R) 
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Jessica Jones,

  CHARACTERS: Jessica Jones; Luke Cage,

  WORD COUNT: 100,

  A/N: Not had a chance to watch the show as yet, but I've been tracking, and I wanted my first fic of this year to be something important to me.

           This qualifies, whatever you perceive the gender; identity; race, or sexuality of the characters to be. Behind a cut because of implications of PTSD and previous sexual assault.


Every Day Lived is a VictoryCollapse )

 Goddess watch over us all,


 Kerk TehKek



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