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Fic challenge for 2014 #3 ~ Chattel
The Boy Who Waited

     second birthday drabble of the year. This is for makd's birthday, and all Buffyverse. I have a name in mind if I write this character again, which I think is likely, but it is not revealed here.

Title: Chattel
  Author: kerkevik
  Fandom: BtVS
  Word count: 100
  A/N: a)
Chattel slavery, also called traditional slavery, is so named because people are treated as the personal property (chattel) of an owner and are bought and sold as if they were commodities. It is the original form of slavery and the least prevalent form of slavery today.[8]
        b) Louisiana became a U.S. State on April 30, 1812 and on December 10, 1817, Mississippi was the 20th state admitted to the Union.
This would have been the US flag at the time of this drabble.  US flag 24 stars.svg

 Chattel born and lived.
 She was valued less than a hound when sold in Mississippi, just before it became a state.
 She wouldn't have known her mother from any other woman in the fields.
 If not for her watcher she'd not have known her father.
 Or that she had been born in Louisiana, just before it became a state.
 He had owned her mother before her, and used them both in the same way.
 But he wasn't a vampire; he was Human.
 And she was Human; not a monster.
 So she left him lying there.
 Chattel she would not die.

  Hope you have a great birthday.
  Goddess watch over you in the coming year,
  'tis ok to be Takei,

Dang, you are making me think thinky thoughts. I posted a Giles drabble a few days ago about losing his slayer from before he was sent to Sunnydale. Your drabble is so strong in emotion. Someone with no power being given such power suddenly. It opens up all kinds of questions for me about becoming a slayer and how this young girl would deal with it. Well done my friend.

It's about choosing not to let being abused turn you into a monster; the power of free will.

I've had her in my head ever since I wrote my first WillTara fic; never wrote the scene, but she was obviously hanging around waiting to be written.


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Ouch. But very, very good. Excellent use of 100 words.

Thank you very much; just expressed to my pal here in Glasgow that I once believed I'd never be able to write anything so short as a drabble.


Best birthday gift: a Buffy feminist fic, lyrical and powerful.


Thank you.

I would have posted it last night, but the first version seemed to read as more about the men than the slayer. Fortunately I never settled in my mind the gender of her Watcher. I was inspired by a Maya Angelou poem you posted actually.


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