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Fics for 2015 #006 ~ Let's Just Get Naked (part of the Relish collection written for Red Satin Doll)

   Okay; this was written earlier this evening on the bus journey back to Blairgowrie from Perth. The first draft anyway, which turned out to have a 1% word miscount. Ever likely to edit as I re-write/write out again (it's a disease!) The drabble turned into part poem / part enigma / part drabble; the title into an in joke for the recipient (and anyone whose followed my shipping of these two characters.
   The content as it appears here seems little to do with the song, but everything to do with these characters' real lives (all four of them) as they appear to me.
   So #5 & #6 on the same day, and I'm re-writing the one I thought to have been working on all day.
   And so it goes...

  TITLE: Let's Just Get Naked
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014 & written for red_satin_doll
  LENGTH: 100
  CHARACTERS/SHIPS: Faith, Tara, Faith/Tara ~ by implication: Willow/Tara; Willow/Oz
  A/N: The 'real' events here happen the day following 'Right Hand Man'. The poetical ones? Those you will have to decipher yourselves and, at some point, I'll clarify them once the whole collection is complete.

    Hands sped to first joining, though slowly.
  Coward; praying for her return, though she wished it on him.
  All but useless; alcohol clouded her perception for a time.
  Everything belittled her, though all claimed cherished love.
  Cruel sea engulfed. Night upon night she drifted.
  But for her worst tormentor; ever her faithful protector; lover, then love.
  Nothing would separate; nothing take her away; nothing to be done for her.
  Always least; always betrayed; never to falter. Their paths too sure.

  Faith took the unlit cigarette from Tara's fingers.
  "Will you be my bride?"
  Tara kissed her, and held Faith tight.

  Goddess watch over us all,
  Kerk TehKek 
Tags: 2015 fics, drabbles, faith, faith/tara, oz/willow, poetry, relish collection, tara, tara/willow
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