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POEM: "I pitiful arose..." by John Milton (1608-1674)

 No title that I'm certain of for this one, so I've gone with the first line thing.
 It's, again, not a poem I'm familiar with, though I believe I have heard it read before; on Poetry Please maybe? It's by John Milton, who is rather well-known, with whom I'm honestly only familiar with in terms of the, rather obviously famous, Paradise Lost.
 Still I think this poem rather suits my mood of today, so here goes...
I pitiful arose
  And soon a taper lighted;
And did myself unclose
  Unto the lad benighted.
I saw he had a bow,
  And wings too, which did shiver;
And looking down below,
  I spied he had a quiver.
I to my chimney's shine
  Brought him as Love professes,
And chafed his hands with mine,
  And dried his drooping tresses.
But when he felt him warmed,
  "Let's try this bow of ours
And string, if they be harmed,"
  Said he, "with these late showers."
Forthwith his bow be bent,
  And wedded string and arrow,
And struck me, that it went
  Quite through my heart and marrow.
Then laughing loud, he flew
  Away, and thus said flying,
"Adieu, mine host, adieu,
  I'll leave thy heart a-dying."
 And yes, I do imagine the Luggage (maybe) contemplating, in one of his deeper moments, the various fates of Rincewind and/or the tourist... (go here
to make sense of that comment)
 btw, if anyone can point me to what the poem would have looked like when originally published, I should be very interested.
Goddess be with us all,
kerk tehkek
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