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Fic challenge for 2014 #12 ~ An Evening with Flaubert


    this story is, in a way, the origin story, or the start anyway, of the femalehusband!verse; links to which will arrive here when I've finished collating past fics. It's an au version of events in BtVS Season Six episode, Wrecked.

   This will be continued, and completed, by the end of the week.

Title: An Evening with Flaubert
Author: kerkevik
Fandom: BtVS S6 / AU / femalehusbandverse
Characters: Tara, Spike,
Word Count: 474
Summary: What if Wrecked had gone a little differently

   Tara was all set up for a mind-numbing evening writing an essay about Flaubert, when someone started knocking on her door. Not sure if   she would prefer an evening not contemplating Flaubert; she rose, praying that it wasn't Willow come to apologise for the previous evening's events at The Bronze.

   With Amy Madison.

   Who wasn't a rat anymore; briefly Tara paused, and shook her head at this turn of events; still not sure if this was a good thing, or not.

   For sure it was good for Amy. But for Willow, and her? And... it wasn't Willow.


   Quickly she added, "Come in," recalling he'd never been here; though whether that rule applied in student residence she wasn't sure.

   Spike hesitated a moment, before giving her a nod of thanks; though it had a strangely melancholic air to it, and stepping through the door, and past her into her room. She closed the door, and was turning; about to offer him a mug of hot chocolate, when she saw the look in his eyes.

   And the suppressed fury in his body language.

   "What - what's Willow done?" There couldn't be any other reason Spike would turn up like this.

   Spike smirked bitterly. "You're a sharper tack than the scoobies give you credit for."

   "Spike," she drawled; knowing only too well when someone was stalling.

   Spike let out a heavy, and unnecessary, breath. "Disappeared with the bit. Slayer's on a murderous freakout. Kill rat girl if she finds her, I reckon." Adding after a moment's consideration, "Not so sure Red wouldn't come out on top if she has gone and joined the Sith."

   Tara felt a cold chill. There would have been a time when she'd have chuckled at the idea of Willow going bad, but now?

   Now? Now, she grabbed the leather coat she'd last worn at the funeral of Dawn's Mom, and rushed out the door; having to be reminded, by a Vampire, that she really ought to lock it behind her.

   Shaking as she did so, all she could think was, 'What if Willow caused harm to Dawn?

   They reached the main campus gates in record time; then both came to a sharp halt, and stood staring at each other as they had both turned in the same direction.

   Then, almost in unison, it was, "You too?" and "Rack?", and a decisive, "Uh-huh."

   "I know where he was hiding last," Spike informed her grimly; only to be shocked by the coldness in Tara's voice as she replied.

   "I know where he was an hour ago.

   Spike watched Tara heading off without him, suddenly uncertain which of Red and she would come off worst in a confrontation. As he started running after her, he was overcome with a sense that someone wasn't going to come out of this alive.

   Besides himself, of course.


    Goddess watch over us all,
    'tis ok to be Takei,
Tags: 2014 fic challenge, btvs au, btvs s6, femalehusband!verse, spike, tara, wrecked
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