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Fics for 2015 #025 ~ Mreyte, Ya Mreyte (written for femslash100)

 First time I've tried to fill one of these prompts; please forgive, but also please, correct any mistakes.

  TITLE: Mreyte, Ya Mreyte (Mirror, oh my Mirror)
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
  FANDOM: Glee (S1)
  PAIRING: Quinn/Santana
  RATING: PG-17 (?)
  LENGTH: 200
  SUMMARY: Quinn, often needing to be alone, goes where she feels at home. One night she finds herself not alone in this.
  A/N: Title comes from the closing titles from the Lebanese movie / This, together with the image of the two characters, was what was in my mind as I translated the idea in my head onto paper.

 Certainly it wasn't Quinn's first time alone, head resting against her locker, trying not to cry; hand stroking her belly.
   She believed this was for a reason; believed in God.
   She could sense the tears anyway.

   She sat bolt upright.
   Someone was already crying.
   Suppressed; gasped; as if it was hard to breathe.
   She could hear the water running now.

   Too near that place herself; too many times, recently it was instinct made her move toward the sound of the water; sound subtly altering as it started to strike someone's body.
   She recognised who it was; stepping into the showers as she slumped to the floor; collapsed almost.
   It was Santana.
   Quinn was still pretty sheltered, despite everything, but she knew where Santana was, or needed to be.
   Her own needs had, too often, led her there.
   Helped by prayers, despite the release, she had never seen... that part of herself.

   "I... don't... why... here... like this..."

   Santana was nowhere near ready for that truth, so she said nothing.
   Instead Quinn, clothes quickly soaked, knelt; reaching a hand round her friend's shoulders, the other hand reaching down; gave Santana the release she desperately needed, not looking anywhere but back into her eyes.

  May the Goddess watch over us all,
  Kerk TehKek
Tags: 2015 fics, femslash100, glee, quinn fabray, santana lopez
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