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Fics for 2015 #059 ~ A Vixen in the Henhouse (written for femslash100 prompt #477: autumn)

  TITLE: A Vixen in the Henhouse
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
  FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural crossover (AU for both)
  PAIRING: Ellen Harvelle/Kennedy
  PROMPT: #477: autumn for femslash100

   She followed the drifter out the door; allowing her a two minute headstart. She figured that'd be enough; she'd looked ill-equipped for the mountains.
   Too well-bred for the way she was dressed as well.
   And then there was the four helpings of Ash's patented chili and fries; washed down by his home brew.
   All too weird for her hunter's radar.
   More suspicion when she picked up her trail far too easily; kneeling, it was clear the prints were deliberate. Cocking her rifle as she stood...
   She found a hand around her throat; another taking the gun from her hands; releasing its arsenal and throwing it an impressive distance.
   Hand removed, she turned cagily to find the drifter admiring her in a way she was unaccustomed to from someone younger than her daughter; let alone a female.
   "Name's Kennedy," the girl held out her hand.
   "Ellen Harvelle, but you knew that," she said, shaking it.
   "Know the Winchester's?"
   She nodded. "Oregon way; if you're looking."
   Look that appeared on the girl's face told Ellen she was not; about to speculate, she was interrupted when Kennedy kissed her hard.
   The girl grinned.  "Think I prefer the mother hen to the chick anyway."

 Goddess watch over us all,

 Kerk TehKek 
Tags: 2015 fics, btvs post-series, ellen harvelle, femslash100, kennedy, kennedy/ellen, spn au, supernatural, xover
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