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Birthday Series for elisi #5. "Three Steps to Heaven." (written in 2012)




This is the fifth, and last, of the half completed ten part drabble series I was writing for elisi 's birthday three years ago. At this point I started to get far too complicated; possibly clever too, and drifted away from what had been my intended plan for the series. Recently I was able to recover that headspace I'd been in and finish the series; at least as close as I could get to my original idea.

This part will be behind a cut, as it gets pretty R-rated as Buffy forces Spike's 'That one time' secret from Satsu. 



TITLE: “Three Steps to Heaven.”

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

CHARACTERS: Satsu; Buffy,

PAIRING: Buffy/Satsu;


A/N: “I give her the rose with unfurled petals.

She smiles

and crosses her legs.

I give her the shell with the swollen lip.

She laughs. I bite

and nuzzle her breasts.

I tell her, 'Feed me on flowers

with wide open mouths,'

and slowly,

she pulls down my head.


(I Give Her the Rose by Suniti Namjoshi)



Buffy's tongue, with added chill factor, returned to her thoracic vertebrae.

Tell me,” she ordered.

Satsu; gasping fiercely, refused her.

Three more times she declined before Buffy's tongue reached her coccyx.

With each finger she answered the same.

When she felt Buffy's fist twist inside her it was almost too much.

Then she started to use her other hand on Satsu's clit.


She came twice before Buffy desisted her torture.

After they'd showered Satsu spilled the beans.**


Like that scene in American Pie?

Satsu shook her head, “More the second film.


Buffy had to change her underwear all over again.



* The safe word from the Vandersexxx scene in Eurotrip; faithfully transcribed.

** The one where the girls get the boys to kiss, to see them kiss in American Pie II


Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek


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