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Fics for 2016 ~ #005 ~ Initial Observations ~ Bones


   TITLE: Initial Observations

  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

  FANDOM: Bones, pre-series,

  CHARACTERS: Angela Montenegro; Temperance Brennan,

  WORD COUNT: 100, written for clarahow to fill a drabbletag6 prompt at femslash100 .

  A/N: Requested by clarahow for drabbletag6 at femslash100, I've only just gotten around to writing something for this prompt; interweblessness is to be thanked for the opportunity to give this more thought.




      “How are you feeling...?” 4

      “Angela, please Prof..,” accepting the coffee, but maintaining her distance. 13

      “Call me Temperance,” after adding some spice to her own, asking, “you seemed upset today, ” 28

     Angela stirred her coffee; smiling, within. After a few moments contemplation she looked up. 42

     “I had an up... argument with my girlfriend.” 50

     Brennan nodded, but did not press. Angela matched eyes with her curiously. 62

     “You never thought it was that child's bones did you?” 72

     Brennan shook her head, “It seemed illogical that they would upset you that badly, yes.” 87

     “I understand you don't have a room, would you care to share mine?” 100




   Goddess watch over us all,


   Kerk TehKek



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