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Fics for 2016 ~ 008 ~ Finding That Sweet Spot ~ DS9 ~ Jake Sisko / Kasidy Yates


   Found I could not let February to go by without an attempt to write one fic. So here goes... 


TITLE: Finding That Sweet Spot

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; set between S3 episodes, 'The Die is Cast' and 'Explorers'

CHARACTERS: Jake Sisko; Captain Kasidy Yates (with mention by implication of Jake's parents)


A/N: This is dedicated to hannah with whom I was watching aforesaid 'Explorers' at a ds9_rewatch on Sunday night. I hope the plot bunnies I followed meet with their approval.




I'm telling you it's the league's first Grand Slam!


Really hit that sweet spot...” the Bolian not attempting to hide his sarcasm.


Jake, back turned to the freighter Captain, almost choked on his root beer; from out of the half-forgotten depths of his memory, he could hear his mother using that exact same tone of voice to his Dad.


Dölca, I keep telling you it's Kasidy, or Captain Yates.


Jake, felt a tightening in his throat, as Captain Yates even sounded like he remembered his Mom when she was irritated; amused and irritated.


The Rigellian woman seemed embarrassed by the rebuke, until the Bolian nudged her; she looked up and saw her Captain smiling. Jake was half-turned by now, and watching as Captain Yates stood up. Finishing her drink she told them she was headed for a luxurious night relaxing in quarters where she could have a proper bath before they departed in the morning.


Following some judicious use of Constable Odo's talents, Jake was waiting in the Replimat when Kasidy Yates appeared for breakfast. Striking up a conversation he delighted in noticing she was wearing what appeared to be a baseball jersey under her shirt. He couldn't make out the logo, but he knew he had to find out as much as he could before his Dad got back from Earth.


By the time Kasidy Yates left for the Xhosa, Jake was already trying to figure out how to finegle his Dad's first date with the freighter Captain.



May the Goddess watch over us all,



kerk tehkek


Tags: 2016 fics, baseball, ds9, ds9 rewatch, gen-fic, jake sisko, kasidy yates
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