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POEM: The Cats' Protection League by Roger McGough (#7 for National Poetry Month)

  Got some catching up to do, not been doing so well, but this is no excuse. 

  Anyway, as part of the effort, a poem that is short and funny; managing to raise a smile in me even at the worst of times. New(ish( since I first heard it three(?) years ago, but I was inspired to find it in a print(able)ed form; finding in my purchase of BBC's Poetry Please publication of its most requested poems. 

  The Cats' Protection League by Roger McGough 

  Midnight. A Knock at the door. 
  Open it? Better had. 
  Three heavy cats, mean and bad. 

  They offer protection. I ask. 'What for?' 
  The Boss-cat snarls, 'You know the score. 
  Listen man and listen good 

  If you wanna stay in the neighbourhood, 
  Pay your dues or the toms will call 
  And wail each night on the backyard wall. 

  Mangle the flowers, and as for the lawn 
  a smelly minefield awaits you at dawn.' 
  These guys meant business without a doubt 

  Three cans of tuna, I handed them out. 
  They then disappeared like bats into hell 
  Those bad, bad cats from the CPL. 

   (also here - 
   with text taken from here - 

  Goddess watch over us all, 


  Kerk TehKek

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