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The fat lady hasn't sung yet...

   Three-quarters of young people – a massive mandate – are predicted to have voted remain, according to a YouGov poll, while those older than us made the decision to vote in favour of an uncertain vision of a future Britain that the young emphatically did not and do not want. Thank you to those baby boomers and their parents who either voted to stay, or who, in the days before the referendum, agreed to put aside their own feelings and vote on behalf of their children and grandchildren. We appreciate you trying.

   Asked I; How binding is this result?

   Of course it'd be nice if some in Europe weren't being so quick to kick the bratty bigoted Brits out of the house.

   IF we can prevent this we should at least try, don't you think? Because if we don't then right-wing separatists all over Europe will be queueing up to UKIP their countries out, probably leading to a string of conflicts as all that has been slowly, painfully at times, built since 1945 tears apart and we return to the moronic policies of the past. 

  Or is the prospect of the Balkanisation of Europe not petrifying anyone else? 

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