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First they came for the Jews...

  And no, I've lived with UKIP since they began, and they ARE NOT eccentric middle-class buffoons. There is no real difference between them and the likes of Golden Dawn in Greece, or their ilk in Hungary; France; Germany; Netherlands; Sweden etc... etc... 

  They are demonstrably more dangerous BECAUSE no-one takes them seriously.

  I have had four messages; allegedly sent by senior Liberal Democrats today, which have not encouraged me to rejoin the national party, because they all appear to be wishing to lie down and let the wild dogs run off with the prize. 

  I will be a Liberal until I die, but if they are not going to fight this all the way, then I shall seek out a party here in Scotland that will fight FOR what they could not bother with. That will be the Scottish Liberal Democrats if they can prove they've got a stronger backbone. 

  I am of course a fine one to say stuff like this, but I am just so fucking angry right now that Pig-Fucker Cameron let a Tory party civil war put the future of everyone on this continent which has, until a little over sixty years ago, known only war, and pseudo-war for the near totality of it's 'civilised' history.

 Given my family's history with male life spans, I may have very little time to have to deal with the consequences; others will not. 

 I don't know what to do except be alternately depressed, or angry enough to punch Farage in the face if he gets within range, right now - just trying to be productive for once in my waste-of-space life.

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