kerkevik_2014 (kerkevik_2014) wrote,

So you don't think Vote Leave was about Hate?

   This needs to be fought. 

   This needs to be stopped. 

   We cannot stand by and let the Hitlers of this country win. 

   We have just passed the Seventy-Second anniversary of D-Day; should we let the fascists of UKIP and the Tory right, and yes sadly the fake liberals who have crossed the line by revealing that their liberal values do not include you if your skin is brown, or you aren't British (of which there will be a lot fewer if we don;t stop this). 

   Don't stand by, be vocal; make those in power realise that this is wrong. 

   Bigotry cannot be allowed to claim victory. 

   Share this, and support those like my dear friend elisi and her wonderful kids who will lose so much of what they love; or those who are seeking freedom from the bombs and hatred in their own lands; people just like you and me; and those kids who risk their lives to escape to something better. 

   Don't let Cameron's stupidity put Johnson or Farage; or their like into Downing Street. This is our country too; let's win it back. Let's give those coming after us a future of hope not hate.


Tags: bigotry, politics
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