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My Fic Challenge for 2014 #18 ~ A Buffy Decameron: 2. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Slayer


     been some time since I posted the first in this series ~  no excuses, just delay after frustrating' delay. Not been having time to refine and post, but I have a big backlog in fics to get on here.

  So I shall ~ er ~ get on.

  This follows almost immediately after the previous fic.

  TITLE: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Slayer
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
  CHARACTERS / PAIRINGS: Buffy; Rona; Buffy/Satsu
  LENGTH: 100
  A/N: This is set concurrently with the events in Gazaleh's flashback in

    Relieved to find Rona in charge; Buffy went straight for the coffee.

   ."Sgt. Rock is taking personal time."

    She was grateful for the, usually, forthright slayer's not bringing up why Xander wasn't here.

    Instead she got, "Message from Satsu."

    Buffy grunted acknowledgement, but Rona, ignoring her grump, added, "She's gonna be a few days longer in Istanbul."

    Unable to hide her slump when that sense of emptiness hit her, Buffy couldn't  ignore the look of pity in Rona's eyes either.

    Leaving without her coffee, Buffy vowed to order her own coffee machine.

    She was almost out of lovers.

     I was absolutely determined not to waste another day; so I have finally got this posted.
    Tired, but relieved. Lonely, but grateful.
    That's me.

    Goddess watch over us all,
    'tis ok to be Takei,
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