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My Fic Challenge for 2014 #19 ~ A Buffy Decameron: 3. The Sure, and Certain, Turning of the Circle


    here comes the third in this series, part one of which was this ~ and part two is here ~

   These three all occur concurrently with Gazaleh's flashback in this fic ~

   If you're interested in Gazaleh and Satsu you should go read this ~

   Anyway on to part three.

    TITLE: The Sure, and Certain, Turning of the Circle
    CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Buffy; Faith; Buffy/Faith; Faith/Xander.
    LENGTH: 100

     Buffy's eyes focused on everything but where she was looking.

     A familiar sensation sat on her desk; gothic fingernails were within her eye's sight.

     Bitterly Buffy muttered, "I guess this means no more nookie."

     Faith slid off the desk, but before her hand was removed; the hand of the oldest ever living Slayer's hand was resting atop it.

     "I am sorry, B."

     "Give me time," she managed; eyes staying down so she couldn't see Faith's face.

     So she didn't see the tears there.

     "Knew it was coming," adding, before Faith could speak, "just.. give me time."

     "I know."

      Goddess watch over us all,
      'tis ok to be Takei,
Tags: 2014 fic challenge, 22'verse, buffy, drabbles, faith, faith/buffy, faith/xander, femslash
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