kerkevik_2014 (kerkevik_2014) wrote,

Think I may finally have my new name.

  Recently i decided that, rather like some of my stories, my muse started to tell me I was telling the wrong one. 

  I began to see I was looking for the wrong name, so I thought, and decided that TehKek should be the middle name I thought I was searching for. 

 Thus Kerkevik TehKek ????? 

 Then I saw this in my lj inbox. 


 So... Kerkevik TehKek Hiraeth  ~  Kerk for short, and a link, if you squint, to my birth-name; also a character I called and called Rae something like two decades ago when I wrote a few original stories. 

 What do you think? 

 Spread the word; feedback on this would be much appreciated. 

 Goddess watch over us all, 


Tags: life and the goddess
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