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December Advent Music Meme #2 is Paper Thin by (the then 12 year-old) Billie Marten

   #2 of these is not the first song I heard Billie Marten (she went by a different surname at the time as I recall), but when I was watching that cover I spotted that she had also performed an original song for ont'sofa as well. This is that song. These days at sixteen, she is performing regular sessions on BBC Radio; the latest on Radio 1, and is a much sought after performer at any number of festivals. 

   Most valued to me as  a guide to who she is is that she totally refused to follow the false-gold 'fame trail' of so many others; choosing to learn her trade and value her own skills, wanting to succeed because of her talent; not her marketing. 

   Actually she needs none; her talent is as great as any since the days of Joni Mitchell.  


   Goddess preserve us in these dark times, 


   Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

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