kerkevik_2014 (kerkevik_2014) wrote,

December Advent Music Meme #7 is Lucretia, My Reflection by Sisters of Mercy

  As anyone who follows my fics will know I have written an awful lot of stories about Dawn and her friend; only appearing in one act of one episode; The Body. 

  I have created an entire backstory; strill in progress for her, but this is the song that inspired the very first serious story; Lisa, My Reflection, set on the morning of Dawn's first day back in school after her Mom's death. This is the one they are headbanging to as they enter their first class of the day. 


  Goddess preserve us all in these dark times, 


  Kerk(evik) TehKek Hiraeth 

Tags: advent music meme, fanfic, lisa/dawn
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