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Some pics from the Women's March on Edinburgh; Jan 21st 2017

  Mot et a Buffy fan early on. She's called Rhona, or Rona; forgot to ask how it was spelt. Hope she pops by the facebook page to check out the pic. 


  That's Leah Higgins; organiser of the march. Guy behind her is her mate Callum, who helped and the guy they're talking to, and spoke to us as well, was six years old when he lived through the Blitz in 1940. 
  Leah, btw, turned seventeen the day before. 


  Not sure you can see it properly, but the sign says The Patriarchy is for Dicks. One of my favourites of the day. 


  The only reason the orange excrescence isn't in jail is that he keeps intimidating, and buying off, his victims. Don't leave it until he's almost in his grave; prosecute the fucking ass off him while he can actually feel the punishment. 


  Wish I could have got a Pussy Hat, and I wish I could claim to be a Nasty Woman too; instead of just feeling like I'm stuck being a male who doesn't want to be a Man. 


  Colours remind me of the occasion I was at a rock club in Plymouth wearing a bright green Pakistan cricket shirt and a pair dayglo yellow cycling shorts; nothing else. In a sea of denim; black leather jackets and dresses I stood out like an overactive neon sign going BLERP! BLERP! BLERP! 


  As far as the eye could see behind; just as many in front of me, only I knew where the front was, and there were a good many people  beyond where my eye could see here. 


  We were singing We Shall Overcome hear I think. 

  Finally one I saw while on facebook this morning; from Buenos Aires. 


  Goddess grant us the strength to overcome, 


  Kerk Hiraeth 

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