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Borrowed Time

Copied & pasted from Dreamwidth, because I will no longer be cross-posting automatically from livejournal. Only one person has commented there since everything blew up, and I'm pretty sure nobody reads the posts there, but when my paid account come to an end here I won't be renewing it.

My userpics won't load so I'm having to use my default. I really don't like lj anymore :-(

 Anyway - Got a borrowed laptop, but cannot find the password to get me back on my email which, when I get the laptop back I will need whatever has been recovered.

Cobbled together set up died Saturday night with that laptop. Somehow managed to get through the last couple of days without even any music to find solace in. Dreamwdith & livejournal I can change the passwords for without my email account; others? don't know.

Without my cats...

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