December 10th, 2017

Ryouh 'Bart' Simpson


You can guarantee that, if this comes to pass, then Queer content will be amongst the first to be censored.

There are other images, but it's easier for me to copy & paste the text, and let you seek out the rest for yourselves.

Good, I’ve got your attention. I’ve heard about this net neutrality bullshit returning. I fought it when it started popping up a few years ago, and I’m going to fight it again. Guys, it’s BACK AGAIN and even worse theres a big chance it will END UP PASSING!

This could literally mean a shit ton of you wont be able to see me anymore if your provider decides that they want to regulate/censor, sayyy overly sexual content. You’ll also have to pay extra money to even use Tumblr!

Please guys, we defeated this shit once, we can do it again. They’re trying to do it now while people are distracted by the holidays and fucking Justice League. As of today, it seems as though there have only been 266,810 calls made to Congress. This is NOT good enough!! MILLIONS of people use the net, and if each one of them took 60 seconds to call and protect it, holy balls do you KNOW how much of a difference that would make??? But noooo, you’re busy streaming an ecchi anime that wont be available to you soon!!!!!

Heres a direct link to make a difference (theres also links to other sites of the same nature on here), and yes, YOU can make a fucking difference because this is YOUR internet at stake here. If you’re not going to make the call, share this and maybe SOMEONE fucking will!! This is important as shit and we cant afford to lose. Dec 14th is the deadline.
I know this doesn’t sound important but….

The reason they started this again is because… the timing.

Coincidence? I think NOT.
Everyone is so obsessed with something else, The FCC are manipulating us.
I seriously don’t want to give up Tumblr and YouTube all together because of this crap..

They’re deleting it every 20 hours too, don’t stop rebloging this!


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