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A Quintessential Truth ~ a Nu Who drabble written for MissM Elisisdottir


     as the title suggest this is a test repost. I wrote this drabble for Miss M, daughter of elisi , and really want to post it to the doctorwho community, but I have had very little success with lj cuts in the past, so I thought I'd try posting it here with cuts. This was #74 in my 2013 fic challenge.

Rating: PG
Genre: Introspection (not sure on this one but this does not seem like angst to me
Characters: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Aunt Sharon, Rory's Mum
Warnings: None.
Summary: Amy and the consequences of believing in her Raggedy Doctor


  A Quintessential Truth
   kerkevik_2014  (written for Miss M's 15th birthday)

   She was in the hospital again.
   Attacked a doctor. Again.
   He was there to see her.
   Mum and her Aunt Sharon were nearby.
   Leaving them alone.

   Not that Amy ever seemed to notice him.
   The coffee drinkers noticed though.
   That she noticed. Even if she didn't realise.

   "Same as her mother,"
   "Sorry," came the distracted reply; lips almost, not-quite, touching the foam.
   "With Augustus."
   Both looked in the direction of the psychiatric ward.
   "Not really sure either of them knew... until they asked each other to get married."
   Sharon touched her friend's hand.
   "They're going to be okay."

I rewatched The Eleventh Hour recently and I kept the image of Amy being treated after attacking another doctor for telling her that her Raggedy Doctor wasn't real. Just had this idea of Aunt Sharon and his Mum constantly giving them time together because they both could see how Amy felt about him, even if she was too 'dim'. Rory has figured out what they're up to of course, but he's just worried about Amy. The idea of Amy's mum and dad popping the question at the same time appealed to me.

The title comes from the latin for fifteen and that it's taking place (in my head anyway) on her 15th birthday.

And the last line is for you.

And, as all seems to have worked here. I shall attempt to post this elsewhere.

Wish me luck,
'tis ok to be Takei,
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