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Major Life Decision

Something I want to share before the first of this month passes. I have decided; somewhat because of facebook policies to do something I have been promising myself I would do for decades.

I am going to officially change my name.

Kerkevik will become my given name, and a friend has given me permission to use her online name as my surname. There is, apart from the legal processes, one other thing I need to decide though.

And that is what my middle name will be. Another thing I will be doing as soon as I can afford it, is get a labrys tattoo on my left wrist. My middle name must reflect my belief in the Goddess as well.

Not as thanks; nor as asking for protection, but reflecting rather that I have chosen to follow a path; not as a servant, or as a believer in a religion, but as a follower of a path that I believe She has set me on.

I cannot, and will never see the end of that path, but I do believe I am on one.

What I need to do is search the languages of the world for a name that reflects that path and my belief that it is the She wants me to be on.

Any help in making that choice will be most gratefully received.

Thank you for listening.

Goddess watch over us all,
'tis ok to be Takei,

(I will always answer to that btw; one cannot, and should not deny what one has been, even if it doesn't reflect who you are anymore; most people online know me as Kerk, or kerkevik now, so facebook has made me realise that the time has come to reflect the changes that have happened)
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