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Fic challenge for 2014 #4 ~ Terminal Serenities


     my fourth fic for 2014 is another birthday post; a double drabble forroseveare  who I've followed for a long time, because of some wonderful sketches she's done. Check out her website here . Here I have tried to marry to programmes she's interested in Blake's Seven and Firefly. It also contains a character from Buffy; specifically that character in a 'verse where Willow died in Wrecked; Tara ended up with Faith, and Tara departed into an uncertain future. As I collate my fics previous to this journal's founding I'll add links here. This is really just a connecting moment. I want to write more Blake's 7 fic, as well as more Firefly fic; some of which will include Cally.

   Hope you like this, such as it is, Roseveare.
   Hope you have had a great birthday as well.

    Title: Terminal Serenties
    Author: kerkevik
    Fandoms: Blake's 7; Firefly; BtVS.
    Characters: Cally; Wash; Mal; Zoe; Tara; Kaylee; Zoe; Simon; River; Jayne; Book.
    Word Count: 200
    A/N: Cally was left for dead in the opening episode of B7's S4; but was she?

Tempted to ask about Inara, Wash pointed at the display again.

    "She ain't got no people locator"

Wash shrugged at Mal. "Serenity don't seem to know that."

"It was such a shiny dream." Muttered Mal.

  Cally had said her goodbyes; tried to pray.

  Even wondered what death would feel like.

  Then a deep lassitude had overtaken her.

  A woman in deep browns and greens; fair-haired, had placed a gentle finger on her lips.

  Running her hands over Cally injuries, she'd softly told her, "I may have need of you. It's not your time."

  Then, "Ask for Tara."

    Then there was a rush of fresh air; warmer than the air around her when she'd woke.

  She heard a young woman's voice. "She's hurt. I'll get Simon."

  Two strong pairs of hands pulled her from the hole she'd been in.

  "Now," said a male voice, while a dark-skinned woman checked her over and lifted her into her arms.

  "You mind tellin' me how you boarded my boat."

    As Simon treated her, a fey-looking girl stared at her.

  Conversed with her too.

  "Far as I can tell, they're just starin'."  Jayne told Zoe and Kaylee.

  "They're catching up," Book informed them. "Mei guanxi."

    Goddess watch over us all,
    'tis ok to be Takei,

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