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Fics for 2015 #005 ~ Dracula Moon (part of the Relish collection, written for Red Satin Doll)

   Been an adventure writing this one.
   Yesterday evening i started working on a story; then left it at home when I departed this morning. Rather than trying to second guess myself, I started thinking again; leading to a scene looking into Slayer politics; loyalty and respect between comrades.
   Of course, it also had to be re-written once I'd pared it down to a triple drabble since I managed to delete the first completed draft of this. This final version is not very different from that one; certainly in no important aspects.

  TITLE: Dracula Moon
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014 & written for red_satin_doll  
  LENGTH: 300
  CHARACTERS/SHIPS: Faith, Kennedy, (Faith/Tara by implication)
  A/N: Dracula Moon has an honour in being, thus far, the only story to be the same in writing order and track number. We are back in the early days of Faith and Tara sharing a house; also still before their relationship has begun to deepen.

     Yawning, Faith rapped on Kennedy's door.
   "Wanted to see me?"
   "Close the door." she was told, after Kennedy looked up from her laptop; saving her work she rose from her seat, and walked to a, secured Faith noticed, draw.
   Faith studied the room of one of the few Junior Slayers to have her own; which seemed to be little more than an office with a bed.
   Very little personal stuff; rumor was the occupant could have paid cash for any house in town.
   Kennedy handed Faith a folder full of reports, while they studied the others' face.
   Pointedly, Faith was told, "Those are the originals," meaning copies. After a few moments, Faith nodded and began reading, only grunting affirmatively when Kennedy asked, "Coffee?"
   Halfway through, the coffee, Faith asked, "Why not Buffy?" Only looking up when Kennedy failed to respond, she found Kennedy watching her carefully.
   "Thought you had the right to see them first," and Faith understood where Kennedy had got her reputation as a leader; loyalty to those under your command, measured against loyalty to those who'd put you there. She was only too aware how the clash could get her people killed. Faith respected her for that.
   Faith sat down, gesturing toward Kennedy's laptop. "There are more?"
   "Few more to complete," she was told.
   "Some of them."
   Finishing her coffee Faith commented, "Someone's freelance vamp hunting."
   Someone not a Slayer, their expressions said.
   Faith asked herself how she had evaded the security set up to protect her; especially the security that sometimes shared her bed.
   She yawned as she handed the reports back to Kennedy.
   Facing each other again, she said, "Training labs," adding at the younger Slayer's quizzical look, "Someone's got to run some tests on me."
   "You're supervising, then finishing those reports whle we wait."

   Goddess watch over us all,

  It's Ok To Be Takei

   Kerk TehKek
Tags: 2015 fics, btvs au, drabbles, faith, faith/tara, femalehusband!verse, kennedy, relish collection
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