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Fics for 2015 #008 ~ The Duettist's Unheard Adagio


      just about the fastest written drabble, for me, ever. Wish the posting process had gone as swimmingly. First draft turned out to be ninety-seven words. A little adjustment, after popping in the necessary three words and here is my second DS9 fic, both based around the same episode. As I recall the first was written not too long after the first ds9_rewatch had just passed this point in the series.

   Feels good to be creative again.

  TITLE: The Duettist's Unheard Adagio
  CHARACTER: Aamon Marritza
  SPOILERS / VERSE: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S01x18 "Duet"
  A/N: 1) Aamon Marritza appeared in this episode from June of 1993; I've written a fic about this episode before in A Duet for Lost Souls set a couple of years post-series.
           2) Adagio (Italian: slow) is an indication of tempo and is sometimes used to describe a slow movement, even when the indication of speed at the start of the movement may be different.


     'I fear there is no doubt'
   He cou;d not recall words more freeing, or so they had seemed at the time.
   The closer he came to executing him... his plan the more laring the holes had appeared, or should have done.
   What was he to do, with the monster already deceased?
   Darhe'el had been honored and lauded for his, and all Cardassia's crimes.
   Aamon Marritza watched himself change, day by day, into Gul Darhe'el; not hearing the monster he really needed to slay.
   Hiding beneath all those holes.
   Waiting to pounce upon the blind and unheeding prey.

    Goddess watch over us all,

    It's Ok To Be Takei

    Kerk TehKek 
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