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POEM: Hard is the journey by Li Po (Li Bai) 701-762

   Nearly chose another poem over this one by Li Po (Li Bai) 701-762; second of the poets in the Penguin Classics 80th Anniversary booklet - #9 in the series, Three Tang Dynasty Poets.

   This one though feels far truer to my state of being right now; over time as well.

       Hard is the journey

   Gold vessels of fine wine,
     thousands a gallon,
   Jade dishes of rare meats,
    costing more thousands,

   I lay my chopsticks down,
    no more can banquet,
   And draw my sword and stare
    wildly about me:

   Ice bars my way to cross
    the Yellow River,
   Snows from dark skies to climb
    the T'ai-hang Mountains!

   At peace I drop a hook
    into a brooklet,
   At once I'm in a boat
    but sailing sunward...

    (Hard is the journey,
    Hard is the journey,
    So many turnings,
    And now where am I?)

   So when a breeze breaks waves,
    bringing fair weather,
   I set a cloud for sails,
    cross the blue oceans!

  Goddess watch over us all,

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  kerk tehkek
Tags: penguin classics, poetry, tang dynasty poets
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