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POEM: Familiar by Valerie Thornton

Feeling Feline-friendly right now, so here's the first of some poems from a collection called Scottish Cats published in 2013; hardback, by Birlinn.

Familiar by Valerie Thornton

When I lie on the rug
the cat settles
in the small of my back
and we are a camel.

When I sit on the chair
in my big woolly jumper
the cat burrows under
and we're seven months gone.

When I stand by the window
longing to fly
my wings are rolled up
purring, across my shoulders.

When I'm trying to sleep
on a cold winter's night
I am near stifled
by a rumbling fur hat.

When I'm cooking our fish
and she tries to be slippers
I am a stumbling monster
she, a mouse under the dresser.

Valerie Thornton (b.1954)

Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek
Tags: poetry, scottish cats
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