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POEM: The Cat's Tale by Valerie Thornton

Sleep evades me, so I shall post this now. Second poem from Scottish Cats; second by Valerie Thornton - must find out more about her.

The Cat's Tale by Valerie Thornton

The cat doesn't understand
about reading
or the space between
my eyes and the paper
or the stillness.
The silence.

She pops up
between my propped elbows
soft as peach and ashes
under my chin
executes feline twirls
then lodges her tail
below my nose
so I can smell
how clean she is.

She sits on the page
translates the words
into thrumming
cheek/butts my nose
jaggy/licks my eyelid shut
and spins me
a compelling tale
of love beyond words.

Valerie Thornton (b.1954)

Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek
Tags: poetry, scottish cats
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