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POEM: Otis by Hamish Whyte

Another one from Scottish Cats; different poet though.
This is dedicated to my dog, Tuppence; Bimbo, my cat, and Tessa a doggy who seemed as though she was around for ever. I'm sorry that I had to end your lives; sorrier that I have so few tangible memories of you, now that mine is failing. I will miss you always.

Otis by Hamish Whyte

I'd like to see you in my dreams, old cat,
nose pushing at the door
in welcome, warming your snowy
underside at the fire; ginger hovis
on my lap. Instead, I can't help
seeing you in your last minutes
staring at us with blind open eyes,
wheezing as your lungs shut down,
as all of you shut down,
your chin coming to rest
on the table as the drugs took
hold, put you to your dreamless sleep.

Hamish Whyte (b.1947)

Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek
Tags: poetry, scottish cats
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