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Circumstances have left me with no funds to top up my internet once it runs out; meaning I may not be able to get online again until the local library reopens on Tuesday. May be able to get online there tomorrow morning though. Need to assure myself cats have what they need until next Thursday, but I have enough packet soups and so forth, so that's ok. No money for bus fares, of course, so won't be able to get through to Dundee or Perth to get online there.

Worst of all, I won't be at Glasgow City FC's match tomorrow, to see Suzanne Lappin's final appearance. This, more than anything else is gutting. She's been there at City since I first started watching them on a park pitch; apart from a short period away from the club a few seasons ago.

That side saved my life; giving me back my love of the game, and a reason to persevere with my feeble attempts to keep my life going. Not been doing so well at that lately, but I am over the worst.

Speak soon,
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