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Some photos from Pride in Edinburgh on Saturday 20th June 2015

  First Pride yesterday for a couple of years. Travel was a little more expensive than I planned, but I still can't bring myself to deal with the bureaucracy necessary to get the new entitlement card that I am, or at least have been, entitled to. I call it a bus pass, because that's pretty much all I use(d) it for.

  Anyhow, I was there to support the Hot Scots guys, and to participate in the march. Not that I was in a good state to do anything much afterwards anyway.

  But Pride is more important than ever, as the generation that gave birth to these events are starting to leave us in numbers, with events from Uganda to Russia; Texas to Daesh controlled areas of Iraq and Syria prove.

 This year, with no living survivors (at all) of the holocaust - that we know of - in terms of it's gay, or 'Pink Triangle' victims, we cannot ever afford to forget what can happen when those rights that have been fought for are, as they so easily can be, taken away.

 To the photos...

 The doggy is eleven and, I think, called Jaffa (or something like that, He seemed to be enjoying all the admiring attentions he was getting. I've seen the couple he was with at previous prides, so I must put some effort into finding out who they are.

 Had a good time on the march, though I did let myself, foolishly, get de-hydrated. I felt over-heated. and a bit stressed afterwards, but I wasn't planning to stay much longer than I did in any case.

 Took a photo myself, of the guy who helped found Hot Scots FC, and who I was there to support; partly due to a fortuitous scratchcard win.

 This is Kev.

 Really glad I got out again; looking forward with a bit more confidence that I will actually go, to at least one Pride event, possibly three, in Northern Ireland this summer, as well as Glasgow.

 We shall see.

  Goddess watch over us all,


  Kerk TehKek
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