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POEM: Inner World by Janine Kain

This poem is written by a friend of mine, who owns the loveliest of dogs; though that's by the by. It was recently published in a collection called Place Settings: an anthology of words and images from East Perthshire, which came out as a result of Blairgowrie's Bookmark festival of 2014.
I thought it was worth posting here, because it deserves a wider airing. It also reflects something of me just now too.

  Inner World
  by Janine Kain

             My mind, like my home and world, are blocked off to all
others as slowly, brick by brick, the wall surrounded every ounce
of my fragile being. A defence some continue to say, others say a
retreat but I know most are totally unaware I am Gone. Such
was the turmoil of my inner world colliding with the overwhelming
stimuli of life. The wall became a necessity to survive and to keep
everyone and everything away.
           On the other side of the wall an old wooden ladder stood tall.
Nobody knows who put the ladder there against the wall. Perhaps
it had always been there like a subconscious thought that one day,
maybe one day it would be required. The last vestige of hope? Or
perhaps the ladder was the world reaching out and offering me a
second chance to embrace life.
           Yet, with the offer of help so close at hand I had to learn
to trust. I had to risk all and clamber up the wall from inside my
sanctuary. Once on top of the wall I had two choices. Remain stuck
or climb down the ladder to new beinnings.
          I climbed down.

 (published in Place Settings: an anthology of words and images from East Perthshire; edited by Joan Lennon, writer-in-residence for BOOKMARK - Blairgowrie, Rattray and the Glens Book Festival 2014)

Goddess watch over us all,

kerk tehkek
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