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Fic challenge for 2014 #8 ~ Following the Rules


      this is my eighth fic of the year, and my fifth birthday fic. Guess I must really like'em huh? Anyway, this is for slaymesoftly's birthday today, and was inspired by reading recent posts she has made about Xander, and by extension Spike. I've noticed the two other birthday fics I've written for her have both featured Spike, so it seemed that the Fates were conspiring with my Muse, and who am I to resist?

    This double drabble is set late in Season Seven, so though there is Kennedy action, she is still only a very talented Potential Slayer, though the relationship with Willow has reached full swing.

   Hope you like it hun.
   And that you have a wonderful birthday.
   Ooh, and thank you for inspiring my muse so much.

Title: Following the Rules
Author: kerkevik
Fandom: BtVS S7
Characters: Spike, Xander, Willow, Kennedy (mention of Andrew)
Word Count: 200
A/N: Here is the page containing the answer to the question posed by Kennedy (just in case you can't get hold of Andrew)

   Kennedy and Spike took out the demons in double-quick time, but not before Xander had shoved Willow out of the way and got himself well and truly pummelled; once, totally by accident, by Spike.

   Dust settling, Kennedy helped her girlfriend up, and they both looked over to their 'masculine guardians'.

   Spike held his hand out to the one-eyed pile of hurt on the floor.

   "You okay there, Carpenter?"

   "Get lost!" Was not what Xander muttered loudly, but under his breath.

   Spike chuckled and reached down to pull Harris up anyway. Xander was just about to swear at him full-scale when...


   Harris looked totally non-plussed. Opening his mouth like a goldfish for a couple of seconds, all he could finally do was go, "Wh - huh?"

   Spike just held his hand out; offering it to the very confused Harris. Xander, not knowing quite what to do, took it.

   "What the hell was that all about?" Kennedy asked Willow as they walked away from the site of the recent skirmish.

   Willow grinned, which only got Kennedy's ire up when all she would say was, "Rule Number 76"

   Finally relenting, she turned to Kennedy, pecked her on the cheek; then cryptically added, "Ask Andrew."

    Goddess watch over us all,
    'tis ok to be Takei,
Tags: 2014 fic challenge, birthday fics, btvs s7, drabbles, kennedy, spike, willow, willow/kennedy, xander
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