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2015 sucks!

My lj is going to look a bit different for a couple of days.

My organised life measn that, despite having replaced a card more than three weeks ago, I once again failed to update my card details so my scheduled payment to lj failed.

Hate the temp look, not just because of the colour, but because it's appreance is actually hurting my eyes. Now that may be partly because I have been trying to fight off a migraine (stress and humidity induced) but the fact that most computer pages are light rather than dark .

Sure I've seen research in th erecent past that said that light print on dark pages is healthier for our eyesight but, because of the oinvention of paper, and no doubt papyrus before that, we seem to ssume that writing should be done dark on light.

Of course, with computer screens this does not need to be so.

Anyway, when I receive money on Tuesday, I shall probably just upgrade to a plus account so I don't have to stress about this on a monthly basis.

At this rate I'll have no money left for the next two weeks, but been there, done that, bloody t-shirt still hasn't arrived.

Feeling a lot stressed, and upset, in a asperger's-stylee so my reactions are all over the place, and I can feel myself metaphoricall having to bit my tongue a lot.

I'm sure my jokes aren't sounding like jokes like they usually do. People don't get them anyway, but it helps if they stillsee they are meant to be humourous.

ANother miserable day in my 2015 experience.

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