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Fics for 2015 #010 ~ Naked Confessions (drabble written for dw100 prompt: bumble)


     this has just been posted at dw100 for their prompt #559: Bumble. All info is below. I love all four characters; thought they should meet, and be alive *nods defiantly at the canon gods*.

TITLE: Naked Confessions
AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
CHARACTERS: Amy Pond; Rory Williams; Sally Sparrow; Larry Nightingale;
PAIRINGS: Amy/Rory; Sally/Larry;
A/N: This is AU; one couple is married, as per canon, the other co-habiting, but this is set in a world where they have met, and also where all four are alive and post-Doctorates, if you see what I mean.

Sally poured a shot for Pond, as the cueball Larry had potted, again, dropped in the pocket.

"Ante up," Amy snarked; insisting Sparrow relate her naked introduction to her fella.

Sally wasn't worried; she'd soon be enjoying some embarrassment of her opponent; whose fella was no better at keeping the cueball out of the pocket than her Nightingale.

Pond pondered admitting her own naked confession; preferred instead Rory's accidental mooning of of some nuns in, modern-day, Venice.

Watching Larry bend over to pick up the cueball, their eyes caught.

"Touch him, and you're dead!! They toasted in unison; glasses clinking.

Goddess watch over us all,

   'tis ok to be Takei,
kerk tehkek
Tags: 2015 fics, amy pond, amy/rory, doctor who au, drabbles, dw100, larry nightingale, rory williams, sally sparrow, sally/larry
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