kerkevik_2014 (kerkevik_2014) wrote,

Fics for 2015 #012 ~ Lies My Parents Told Me (for open on sunday)

  This was written for open_on_sunday's prompt 608: fairytales

TITLE: Lies My Parents Told Me
AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
PAIRINGS: Giles/Jenny; Buffy/Ford; Buffy/Angel (all implied)
   CHARACTERS: Giles (with spoilers up to S02 E17)

SUMMARY: Giles' thoughts at Jenny's funeral.

You could say everything would be okay.
That there was someone for everyone.
That their prince would come when least expected.

Or you're princess.
It was all stories.
None of it was true.

He felt his Slayer grip his hand in comfort as they lowered her into her grave, and wondered what he should do when she proved stronger than he; when children came to him, as if he were their parent.

You did what any father would do.
You did what she needed and lied to her.
Telling them the same fairytales you'd been told.

You lied to them all.

Goddess watch over us all,


Kerk TehKek
Tags: 2015 fics, btvs s2, buffy, drabbles, giles, open_on_sunday, scoobies
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