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BtVS pre-series Fic in ten parts: Promises Made To a Lady

This is a pre-series Buffyverse story in ten parts, all drabbles. Wrote it all in a couple of hours yesterday, because I was tired of scrolling through the stuff on my external hard-drive.

I really need to lose my internet more often...

TITLE: Promises Made to a Lady I. Death in Life
AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
LENGTH: 100 words
CHARACTERS: All OC until the last couple of parts, unless you're paying attention of course.
SUMMARY: The story is about previous watchers and slayers, or seems to be, and is set between the fall of France in 1940 and just subsequent to the liberation of Paris in 1944.

I. Death in Life (May 1940)

Gustav found Emilie in an abandoned barn close to Dunkerque.
His Slayer had been killed by the leech, that was unmistakable.
He buried her deep; making sure her remains could not be misused.
She was Alsatian; he technically an enemy now, but he was able to give her the Catholic service.
They had that in common; she would have wanted it, and he owed his Slayer that.
Their tenure had always been stormy; his stubbornness had them part in anger.
Sending her to her death.
Picking up its tracks, Gustav made for Dunkerque; only vengeance on his mind now.

May the Goddess watch over us all,
'tis ok to be Takei,
Kerk TehKek
Tags: 2015 fics, btvs pre-series, drabbles
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