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BtVS pre-series Fic in ten parts: Promises Made To a Lady #2

This is a pre-series Buffyverse story in ten parts, all drabbles; set during World War Two. Managed to write it all in a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon, because I was tired of scrolling through my external hard-drive.
Really should lose my internet more often...

TITLE: Promises Made to a Lady II. False Freedoms
AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

II. False Freedoms (June 1940)

He watched shoreward as it disappeared over the horizon.
The tiny boat Gustav had been rescued from, sunk by his own people's gunfire.
Its eyes never left him either.
Of that he was certain.
Eyes closed, he could still see it. Too still, and far too heavily bandaged to be anything Human.
Its escape had been prevented; that was some small comfort.
He could still keep his vow.
Gustav thanked his parentage; practicing his rusty Quebecois in his head as he drank the awful englander tea.
Only when it had disappeared entirely did he turn his gaze away from Dunkerque.

May the Goddess watch over us all,
'tis ok to be Takei,
Kerk TehKek
Tags: 2015 fics, btvs pre-series, drabbles
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