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Fics for 2015 #016 ~ Promises Made to a Lady IV. Eye of the Mountain Dew

 This is the fourth of the ten-part series I wrote in a relatively short few hours on Sunday afternoon while internet-less and unable to find anything to capture my mind on my external hard-drive. All ten parts are drabbles, and were written as I was learning the story myself.
 Perhaps I should lose my internet more often...

  TITLE: Promises Made to a Lady IV. Eye of the Mountain Dew
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
  LENGTH: 100
  CHARACTERS: Two new ones; a new Slayer; replacing the one who replaced Gustav's lost Slayer, and a Watcher who may, or may not be (in my head), be related to a series canon watcher.

  IV. Eye of the Mountain Dew (May 1944)

   Whispers out of Watcher Headquarters reached Gustav early in Forty-Four.
   He saw the Slayer himself in late May. She was Canadian-Indian, set to hunting the same leech as himself.
   He nearly cursed in German on hearing she was going into Utah Beach; try as he might, he had no chance of being attached to her unit.
   He had to calm himself with the knowledge that he would be between her and their target, with ample time to intercept them.
   Determined to be there when it was dusted; confident of his tracking abilities, he kept his eye on the real prize.

 May the Goddess watch over us all,

 Kerk TehKek
Tags: 2015 fics, btvs pre-series, drabbles, oc, the slayer line, wwii
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