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Fics for 2015 #018 ~ Promises Made to a Lady VI. Trapped by the Hunted

  This sixth drabble of the ten-part pre-series buffyverse stories sees us still in the early days of the German retreat in the western theatre; which became a collapse after the abortive Ardennes offensive. When I first wrote this; all of which was done while internet-less in a few short hours on Sunday afternoon, my dates were guesswork. Ultimately I decided to remove a specific date, but the original would have been out by nearly a month.
 Still, maybe I should mislay my net access more often...

  TITLE: Promises Made to a Lady VI. Trapped by the Hunted (August 1944)
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
  LENGTH: 100
  SUMMARY: We are crossing a rubicon of sorts with this story as characters are learning their roles are not what they thought they were; not that their certainty is any more clearly correct than it had seemed.

  Feldwebel Marten Neuwenbeke fell this morning guarding the escape of his German SS comrades from the American forces attempting to entrap them east of Argentan. It is recommended that he be awarded, posthumously, an Iron Cross for...

   Gustav Frensburg, had he known, would have been amused at the commendation; cold and bitter smile though it would have been.
   He was already too far away. He had seen Watcher and Slayer, headed north toward the Canadians forcing closed the gap between Falaise and Argentan.
   He had to stay with her; despite the risk.
   They were unaware they were become the hunted.

May the Goddess watch over us all,

 Kerk TehKek 
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