kerkevik_2014 (kerkevik_2014) wrote,

Fics for 2015 #020 ~ Run for Home (written for femslash100 challenge #469; running)

TITLE: Run for Home
CHARACTERS: Santana Lopez

   Santana really tried to work it off; trying out for the track team; gymnastics squad; even the football team.
   Nothing could distract from the fact the girls in her life, or the sex she was trying not to have with them, could not compensate for the absence of something indefinably powerful in her life.
   Her head was at McKinley High; her heart was with a cheerleader with the Glee Club there.
   Where Brittany was, was where she needed to be; damn the consequences.
   They were her family now; she needed Brittany to be her wife.
   So she ran for home.

  May the Goddess watch over us all,
  Kerk TehKek 
Tags: 2015 fics, brittana, brittany pierce, drabbles, femslash100, glee, santana lopez
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