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Fics for 2015 #035 ~ Sympathy for the Devil (written for open_on_sunday prompt #609: Patience)

TITLE: Sympathy for the Devil
AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
CHARACTERS: Tara Maclay; Marcie Ross;
RATING: PG-13 (written for open_on_sunday prompt #609: Patience)
SUMMARY: What do you do when you meet your intended killer? What if that killer is a Slayer?
A/N: Set in the femalehusband!verse; this occurs between the setting up of Slayer HQ (about where S9/10 would be in canon) and Faith's return from her walkabout.

   Tara spotted her straightaways.
   On her birthday.
   Hers; not Tara's.
   It wasn't long before Tara realised she was the mark.
   Who else would she be here for?
   What interested her was why she wasn't already dead.
   Sighing, Tara locked her 'secret', and empty, cabinet; finished her whiskey, and strode for the exit.
   There she paused.
   Turning slightly, she asked bluntly, "Fancy a drink, Marcie?"
   The 'empty' lab rang with scattered metal containers, and confused spluttering.
   "You're a Slayer, Marcie Ross, not a killer."
   'Unlike me,' she thought.
   "I haven't the patience of an assassin, drink?"
   "Why not?" Marcie laughed.

  Goddess watch over us all,
  Kerk TehKek 
Tags: 2015 fics, drabbles, faith, femalehusband!verse, marcie ross, open_on_sunday, tara maclay
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