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Fic Challenge for 2014 #14 ~ Job Opportunities


     a bit of an unusual one this; as it's partly a birthday present for someone I've only recently learned has passed away; also for someone who seems to have been around as a Buffy fan since the very earlist broadcasts.

    Firstly this is for embers_log, who I learned had passed due to this post; her birthday was on the 6th.

  neonhummingbird's birthday is today, and I have long been a fan of her fics; some of which I must rec.

   This is a Buffy/Discworld Xover, with no explanation as to why the two characters involved are where they are; or how, and if, they ever expect to get home.

   Title: Job Opportunities
   Author: kerkevik
   Fandom: BtVS / Discworld
   Characters: Spike; Oz;
   Word Count: 100

     Spike nodded at Oz, lit a fag; squinted and studied the noticeboard.
     "Flash of light?"
     Spike nodded, and pointed at a scrappy bit of paper; browning where it had been pinned.
     Oz shrugged at the notice offering a job with good pay for werewolves and non-practicing vampires; pointed instead at the band notice offering a job for a roadie, who could play bass.
     "More my thing," he explained, then wandered off to find the bar where the band was supposed to be playing.
     Spike ripped the notice off the board, and wandered off to find Treacle Lane.

  Goddess watch over us all,
  'tis ok to be Takei,
Tags: 2014 fic challenge, birthday fics, btvs, discworld, drabbles, oz, spike, xover
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