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My Fics over the Centuries...


     this will become my archive post for my fics, which will be updated as regularly as I can manage until I am up to date.

Feb 16th 2014 :-
  This first version contains two fics which will need to be re-written; the first I finished after the airing of Seeing Red in the UK; the other because it needs to be uodated to accommodate my changed vision of Tara since it was written. Another fic reached nine chapters; another was completed, but never posted; that one is being mined for new 'verses, and new stories.

  WARNING: If you choose to read the original version of The Anyanka Solution, be aware it contains references to sexual violence which I am now rather ashamed to have written; but will not deny, as they serve as a reminder that I am not as immune to feelings of rage as I sometime like to think I am.

  All three contain character deaths. In the Morning of the Night was my first attempt to write a world where Willow died, rather than Tara. My first inkling that I didn't actually like Willow too much; there before this was written, but this was the first completed.

  For, Amshel: The Road To Hell, never got finished; having to be re-written and re-written until I was no longer sure where individual plotlines belonged. Eventually I realised that my feelings towards all the characters; most radically Kennedy, had changed so much that the original idea no longer had any relevance to the story I was trying to tell.

  There are two other stories listed; both of which remain favourites of mine, but which will be referenced when this post is updated.

  Here are my fics listed at Mystic Muse -
  Here are my fics listed at Near Her Always -

  Here are two fics written way back in the first months after Tara's death in S6 of BtVS was broadcast here in the UK.

Feb 20th 2014
These are three links to the first of those, The Dance of the Happy Little Toaster.

  The second is more of a narrative poem, if I am using that term correctly, and was posted early on in my first lj here :-

  These six stories were all written as fanfics for The Chosen, as opposed to 'in the chosen!verse'. The first five got posted to the website itself; the last has only been posted to my previous lj. Hopefully one day it, it and the several fics I have written for that verse, will get posted to the website too.

Feb 21st 2014
  Never Say Goodbye -
Tara is back from the dead, and Kennedy is off to Europe.

Talking to the Trees -
Faith laughed at the others sometimes; at least in public.

"I Think It's Going To Rain Today" -
What do those who've gone think when we talk to them?
in circled flight (a series of conversations, overheard and not) - I -
Dawn finds it hard to say what she's really feeling sometimes.

Chocolate and Marshmallows at the Mother's Day Picnic -
Tara has a belated gift for friends. And from friends.

Campfire Tales: The Morning After (The Motel Edit) -
The morning after the last posted episode of The Chosen. What did happen after Faith got Tara drunk?

  These five fics were written in the year following me joining livejournal in 2009. I no longer have posting access to this journal so, if you have any comments on them, can you send them to me here. I hope to change this at some point, but they will eventually be re-posted. Other details, including character; 'verses etc will be added as time passes.
March 7th 2014

10 October 2009
Stranger Among the Living
16 October 2009
If Wishes Were Horses
04 November 2009
The Real Cabaret
18 February 2010
Returning Home
26 September 2010
These are all my fics from 2011; a CSI drabble; a crossover and a NuWho S5 fic; but mostly Buffyverse stories.

March 18th 2014

  13 March 2011
Memento Mori - For Warrick
08 May 2011
Untitled Buffyverse Mother's Day fic, dedicated to all mother's everywhere, but especially my own.
18 May 2011
Inside Knowledge
25 May 2011
Looking for a New Outfit
01 June 2011
The Soul That Lies Within
17 June 2011
Ecce res magna dierum genus (What a wonderful kind of day)
June 6th, 2011
04 August 2011
Not Tonight
19 August 2011
Don't You Need
26 September 2011
Reapers; Friends and Thieves
26 September 2011
Tears of a Witch
April 28th 2014
  Looked like 2012 was going to be a slow year, but I seemed to hit the afterburners in August; especially helped by the series I started for elisi but have yet to complete. Must get on that.

25 January 2012
Waiting for the Non-Existent
19 April 2012
Menage a Trois
04 May 2012
No Caledonia for Danny Boy
14 May 2012
Presidential Influence
03 August 2012
19 August 2012
'Luíonn Chroí and Cailleach san Iarthar'
19 August 2012
Natural Blonde
21 August 2012
Sheena is a Punk Rocker
08 September 2012
I Give Her the Rose
25 September 2012
Memories of Visits Never Made
26 September 2012
Wyrd Demons
21 October 2012 (Elisi)
Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
21 October 2012 (elisi)
We Gotta Get Out of This Place
22 October 2012 (elisi)
Waterloo Sunset
23 October 2012 (elisi)
Standing in the Shadows of Love
04 November 2012
Cabaret Vampyre
05 November 2012
Re-writing the Slayer Handbook
06 November 2012
06 November 2012 (elisi)
Three Steps to Heaven
07 November 2012
Reflections from Another Life

Please, if you have any comments on the stories mentioned above; particularly if you have advice on changes to The Anyanka Solution and ideas as to what could be used for future Buffyverses from Amshel; then email me at

  They will be most welcome.

  Goddess watch over us all,
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