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Two Women Sentenced to be Gang-Raped as Punishment for Their Brother's "Crime"


Re-sharing, because this is not an injustice, it is utterly criminal and everyone involved in this decision deserves to be locked in a small room for the rest of the miserable lives.


Two sisters in a village in India are being punished for their brother eloping with a married woman from a dominant caste family. Their punishment, as prescribed by the non-elected, all-male village council, is to be gang-raped, their faces blackened, and then paraded naked around the village. One of the sisters is 23 years old.

If you are as horrified as I am by this, please sign this petition demanding immediate protection for the sisters and an investigation into the village council and their decision to sentence two innocent women to be gang-raped and further humiliated.

The sisters are afraid to return home and their house has been ransacked. The older sister has filed a petition with the Supreme Court for protection so they can return home. Unfortunately, this has only further enraged the villagers.

These sisters are not the first to be given a sexually violent punishment by a village council. This disturbing trend must stop, and we need an investigation and proper punishment of the council members to create a precedent in order for this to happen.
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