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Fics for 2015 #045 ~ Mood Indigo (written for open_on_sunday prompt#613: blue)

  TITLE: Mood Indigo
  AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014
  SPOILERS: Anytime after Rona's first appearance in S7's "Showtime", though in my head canon for this we are post series.
  RATING: PG (written for  prompt #613: blue)
  SUMMARY: Rona reflects on her changed perception of herself, and the world in which she finds herself.

   In the beginning she just automatically assumed racism.
   In time she learned it had more to do with the personality she projected.
   When she came to know someone, like Vi for instance, she became easier to know herself.
   She learned of chemical imbalances that mimicked depression; affecting her perception of herself and the person she seemed to others to be.
   Ironically race played a part there, since it had been inherited from an unwanted white ancestor.
   She also learned about asexuality.
   Enough for connections in this sorority to be problematic at best.
   It became enough for Rona to feel respected.

 Goddess watch over us all,

 Kerk TehKek 
Tags: 2015 fics, drabbles, open_on_sunday, potentials/slayers, rona, vi
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