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Posting to help a fellow fan: My Cat Saved My Life. Please Help Me Save His.

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These are my two writing buddies, BOB and Dr. Catastrophe. Last night, I got terrible news-BOB (Big Orange Buddy) has been diagnosed with chronic renal disease (basically kidney failure). Thankfully, the vet believes he is not in the later stages of the illness, which means that we may be able to improve the quality and length of his life with proper treatment. He'll need special food, various medications, and from what I hear, IV fluids every day or every other day at a minimum, along with monthly tests to monitor his kidney function. I know we have a long, hard road ahead of us, but he is my baby and my writing buddy and I will do whatever I can to save him. I am not ready to say goodbye to my best friend besides my husband.

I know many of you are animal lovers and cat owners, so I'm reaching out to you all in the hopes that some of you might: a.) have experience treating a cat with CRF, so I can perhaps get some insight into what to expect, and/or b.) have experience with individual crowdfunding, as this may be our best option to try and defer some of the vet's fees. Thankfully, I just got a raise at my second job, so we hopefully will be able to afford most of Bob's care, but the cost of everything is going to start adding up and any extra help we can get certainly wouldn't hurt.

Bob saved my life when I was alone and suffering severe depression after uprooting my life to move cross-country for a job. Please help me to save his.
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