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Fics for 2015 #062 ~ Fingering the Suspect (for ncis_drabble #459 & #460)



TITLE: Fingering the Suspect

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Caitlin Todd, Abby Sciuto, Cait/Abby;

GENRE: femslash



CHALLENGE: started for ncis_drabble #459: nose; completed and posted now since it works for #460: hands as well.

SUMMARY: Cait and Abby got a little friendly; too friendly?



Caitlin didn't bother reporting to her desk when she got in; heading straight down to the lab for words with Abby.

After last night words needed to be had.

No regrets, but she'd forgotten how much she needed some sex in her life.

Both had been less than sober, but Abby's scent had been too intoxicating.

For either of them.

She wasn't the first woman Kate had slept with, but Abby was too young; too free and too important a part of the team for sex to interfere in their work.

All she told herself as she watched Abby from the doorway, stunned.

If Abby knew she was there, she didn't let on.

She seemed too engrossed in whatever totally inappropriate material was on the screen.

The scent coming from Abby now was lube as she worked a vibrator in her ass; fingers of the other hand in her pussy.

Almost before she realised what she was doing; certainly without hope of stopping herself, Kate had her pants open; underwear pulled aside.

Her own fingers working assiduously in unity as she kept her gaze tunnel-visioned on Abby's; Kate reached her orgasm bare moments after Abby reached hers.

As her vision cleared, she saw Abby watching her with a smile as she redressed herself.

It was perfectly clear that Abby needed to have no words with her.

Back to work, “ she said unrepentantly, as Kate hurriedly fixed her own clothing and wandered, a little dazed, back upstairs.



May the Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek


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